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CERFACE Ceramic Paint Protection

CERFACE Ceramic Paint Protection
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CERFACE Ceramic Paint Protection

CERFACE Exterior is a ceramic treatment augmented with Graphene, that interlocks with your vehicle’s surface, creating an extra tough layer which delivers extreme durability and a long-lasting, super gloss finish.  This extra tough surface will shine on wash after wash.

Advanced Technology

The advanced, tested and proven protective coating prevents permanent staining on your vehicle from hard water marks, weather induced discolouration, fading, oxidization, loss of gloss and damage caused by tree sap, bug splatter, bird & bat droppings and clear coat delamination to the treated paintwork of the vehicle for the warranty period.

Performance that lasts a lifetime

Australia's first multi-step Ceramic Surface coating providing your vehicle with a Stronger, Smoother, Shinnier, and more Noticeable finish, designed to stand the test of time with a life time warranty*

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