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Permagard - Interior Protection

Permagard - Interior Protection
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Permagard - Interior Protection

Whether it be to protect a new vehicle or to rejuvenate your current vehicle, we offer Permagard Automotive premium products to provide you with the best in Exterior Paint protection, Interior all-surface protection and window tinting. 

Interior Protection

Leather & Vinyl Protection 
  • Enhances interior vinyl surfaces including dashboards, consoles, door panels and other trims.
  • Coats the surface and provides a durable new like a barrier.
  • Will limit scuff marks, stains and the treated surface is much easier to clean.
  • Protection against harmful UV rays

Fabric & Carpet Protection
  • Co-polymer technology adheres to every fibre of carpet and fabric, continually repelling liquid and water-based spills.
  • Provides a flexible barrier, preventing stains from food, drink and soiling from everyday use for the whole interior.
  • Designed to reduce wear on leather, fabrics & carpets as a result of friction, weight pressures and trapped dirt particles.
  • Protects interior leather allowing it to breathe and remain supple.
  • Protection against harmful UV rays.
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