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Permagard - Full Protection Package

Permagard - Full Protection Package
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Permagard - Full Protection Package

Whether it be to protect a new vehicle or to rejuvenate your current vehicle, we offer Permagard Automotive premium products to provide you with the best in Exterior Paint protection, Interior all-surface protection and window tinting.

Full Package (Interior & Exterior Protection):

Interior Protection

Leather & Vinyl Protection 
  • Enhances interior vinyl surfaces including dashboards, consoles, door panels and other trims.
  • Coats the surface and provides a durable new like a barrier.
  • Will limit scuff marks, stains and the treated surface is much easier to clean.
  • Protection against harmful UV rays

Fabric & Carpet Protection
  • Co-polymer technology adheres to every fibre of carpet and fabric, continually repelling liquid and water-based spills.
  • Provides a flexible barrier, preventing stains from food, drink and soiling from everyday use for the whole interior.
  • Designed to reduce wear on leather, fabrics & carpets as a result of friction, weight pressures and trapped dirt particles.
  • Protects interior leather allowing it to breathe and remain supple.
  • Protection against harmful UV rays.

Exterior Protection

  • Permagard coating forms a unique plasticised barrier which becomes part of the paint of your vehicle, unlike wax or polish.
  • Completely insulates and protects the paint from the environmental extremities.
  • Prevents the paint from Oxidising and premature discolouration.
  • Reduces maintenance - repels dirt, Grime and is easier to wash no need for wax or polishing.
  • Available in two high quality treatments - Reactive Polymer Paint Protection or Cerface Ceramic Paint Protection
The Permagard Reactive Polymer exterior protection is a scientifically developed coating that chemically bonds to the paint of your car.  Once applied, the invisible glass-like barrier will bond to your car’s paint, offering exceptional long-term protection against tree sap, bird droppings and other debris your car might experience on a daily basis.

— Ultra-Glossy Finish

An intense shine that will last for years to come. UV Inhibiting Technology guarantees gloss and prevents discolouration or oxidation.

Less Washing, No Waxing

The Reactive Polymer coating resists dirt and grime build-up, making the vehicle easier to wash and negating the need for wax or polish.

Stain Resistance

Protects against a wide range of environmental contaminates such as bird lime, tree sap and industrial pollution.

Ceramic exterior is a ceramic treatment augmented with Graphene, that interlocks with your vehicle’s surface, creating an extra tough layer which delivers extreme durability and a long-lasting, super gloss finish.  This extra tough surface will shine on wash after wash.

Advanced Technology

The advanced, tested and proven protective coating prevents permanent staining on your vehicle from hard water marks, weather induced discolouration, fading, oxidization, loss of gloss and damage caused by tree sap, bug splatter, bird & bat droppings and clear coat delamination to the treated paintwork of the vehicle for the warranty period.

— Performance that lasts a lifetime

Australia's first multi-step Ceramic Surface coating providing your vehicle with a Stronger, Smoother, Shinnier, and more Noticeable finish, designed to stand the test of time with a life time warranty*

— Enhanced Protection

Cerface exterior, formulated with Graphene (one of the lightest and strongest materials known to human kind); interlocks wtih your vehicles paintwork in a 2 dimensional lattice honeycomb nano-structure resulting in greater resistance to the harsh Australian environment

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