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Permagard - Antimicrobial Shield

Permagard - Antimicrobial Shield
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Permagard - Antimicrobial Shield

No matter how clean and tidy you keep your car, the fact remains that it’s a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Permagard Antimicrobial Shield protects against the mould and mildew spores growing in your air conditioning system and the microorganisms living on the surfaces of your interior.  The germs and bacteria living in your vehicle can not only spread illness but give way to foul odours and poor air quality.


  • Non-toxic, using lysis technology
  • Transparent and safe for all vehicle surfaces
  • Once cured, it will not wash off - tested for up to 100 washes
  • Proven efficacy, achieving a “LOG 7” (99.99999%) kill rate
  • Non-diminishing, with most tests confirming <1% reduction in efficacy

Made for Everyone
The non-toxic, hypoallergenic automotive sanitation system safely eliminates 99.99% of all germs and bacteria. Created with young families, sensitive noses, pet lovers and germ-conscious drivers in mind. It does not rely on harmful ingredients to kill germs. The antimicrobial barrier manages to destroy germs by breaking down their cell walls, like balloons being popped by sharp blades of grass.

  • Approved by Boeing & Airbus, Mercedes-Benz and EPA
  • AQIS
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Child safe with a toxicity rating similar to Vitamin C

The protective barrier continues to work beyond the application for up to 12 months, making it the best interior hygiene system for new and pre-owned vehicles, and a necessary addition to any health-conscious driver’s annual car service.

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